Programs And Values

​"Children must be taught how to think, not what to think."
- Margret Mead- 
Mixed-Age Classes

We currently offer a family-style class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9-11:30 am. We have found that a mixed age group is working well for all the children. The younger children learn socialization skills in the presence of older children who already have a good set of communication skills, and the older children learn kindness and patience through interacting with younger children. 


We are opening an afternoon class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting September 2015. 

A Regular Routine

At WillowWood, we believe that children learn best in the context of a regular routine. As such, we have a regular schedule.


20 minutes: Welcome and circle time (calendar, weather, good morning)

30 minutes: Centers, art, and science experiments

30 minutes: Free play, creative play

30 minutes: Snack

10 minutes: Literacy and reading time

25 minutes: Physical 

5 minutes: Stories and goodbye


At WillowWood, we believe in the value of connecting families together. As such, we run some sort of family event approximately every 2 months. This year we have had a welcome coffee and tea time, dessert after our Christmas concert, Mother's Day party, date with dad, and a family graduation ceremony. We hope that our families are able to connect with each other, swapping kid stories and building friendships. We also hope that having fun extracurricular events allows parents to make meaningful connections with their preschool child, since sometimes what we need is a fun event at which to build memories together!

Special Events

We've had several in-class special guests, including the bunny lady, a nurse, a baker, and a firefighter. We also had a presentation from the John Janzen Nature Centre all about dinosaurs and learned about different types of animals when Zoo To You came to visit.


Our offsite field trips vary from year to year - one time we went sledding, and one time we took a big bus to Millenium Place to learn how to skate! We have also been to the Valley Zoo, the Telus World of Science, and Fort Edmonton Park. So far this year we have gone to Prairie Gardens and sledding at Fraser Hill. We also like to go for walks around the neighborhood to learn about our community. 

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