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WillowWood Christian Preschool is a ministry of Bethel Community Church. 


At WillowWood Christian Preschool, we believe that every child is created uniquely by God, and should be shown the love of God by the adults around them. Each child should have the best beginning possible, and for us, that means providing a quality faith-based preschool to the children of Northeast Edmonton. The preschool years are crucial for a child’s development, and they set the stage for children to become resilient teens and adults if their learning, behavior, and health are appropriately addressed during this time.


Because we believe that God has lovingly created each child, we also believe that they all have intrinsic worth, regardless of social status, income level, or personal ability.




Each child in our program will have the opportunity to grow in the five crucial areas of child development: socially, physically, intellectually, creatively, and emotionally. However, because our program will be faith-based, we will also give children the opportunity to grow spiritually. We believe that preschool-aged children learn best through play, so our all these elements will be approached through creative, hands-on experiential activities.


1. Socially: Children make friends and learn to be kind, listen, take turns, and share. They learn to treat both peers and adults with respect.


2. Physically: Children’s gross motor skills are enhanced through indoor and outdoor play. Fine motor skills are developed through daily creative activities. Each day the children receive a healthy snack that has been prepared by staff in our kitchen.


3. Intellectually: Children are engaged in age-appropriate activities that help them learn their ABC’s, numbers, shapes, colors, etc. We provide a reading corner and a lending library to help kids learn literacy skills.


4. Creatively: Our theme units allow children to imagine and explore the world around them. Children are given opportunities to express themselves freely in multiple ways, including music and art.


5. Emotionally: Children feel safe and loved by caring, equipped teachers. They are accepted by their peers and learn to develop safe friendships with other children.


6. Spiritually: Children of all backgrounds are accepted and loved, but our Christian teachers daily integrate teaching from a Biblical worldview to help children learn that God made them, loves them, and can be their forever friend. Children are also prayed for by teachers and church staff, and prayed with when the situation comes up.


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